Our Environmental Policy

The Ambassador Hotel is an environmentally aware Company accredited to the Welsh ‘Green Dragon’ environmental standard. Green Dragon is an environmental management system relevant to the specific needs of specific businesses. Participating organisations gain recognition for effective environmental management. Green Dragon is all about making a commitment to environmental management. Organisations achieving Green Dragon feature in The Green Dragon register of certified companies.

Reduce Pollution

We are actively promoting policies to reduce pollution, including carbon emissions in our environment. We believe we can all play a part in protecting our planets environment.

Minimise Consumption

Our key objectives are to control energy and water use, minimise waste and encourage a wider environmental understanding within the day-to-day operation of The Hotel amongst our team.


The Hotel has a computer controlled environmental management system installed on its heating system, which monitors external and internal temperatures automatically adjusting the output of the heating system as required and reducing our carbon emissions.

Lighting & electrical appliances

Many appliances are automatically controlled by time switches and the Hotel’s departmental standard operating procedures contain environmental rules limiting the idle time of appliances. Much of the lighting in The Hotel utilises low energy technology.


Water is also controlled by the installation of modern water saving machines in our laundry and flush controls in our toilets. Switching from the provision of jugs of water in The Restaurant with Dinner to bottled water has also saved Seventy-seven gallons of water per month.

Local produce

The Ambassador uses local suppliers for fresh food reducing carbon emissions from transport.


Waste is controlled by selective purchasing analysis. One of the aims of this analysis is to purchase our consumables in ways to reduce the amount of packaging entering the Hotel. This includes examining the packaging of different brands of product and purchasing in bulk pack sizes where appropriate.

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